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3D Pop-Up Aluminium Tent

We create totally new quality of tents based on Pop-Up frame (AHL&OHL). From the combination of instant frame and pneumatic sheathing of the roof we achieve an incredibly attractive and unique form of tent. Break the mold and benefit from the possibilities offered to you by our 3D Pop-Up Tent.

The tent is delivered in several sizes and with optional number of walls. From 1.5×1.5 to 5×5 meters. You can also connect several tents by a tunnel. Design your products on the roof deck or on the walls and you will definitely be visible

Please contact us for advice on design. We have many ideas and pictures we can send you if you need some inspiration for good tips along the way.



Size: 1,5×1,5 – 2×2 – 2×3 – 3×3 – 3×4,5 – 3×6 – 4×4 – 4×8 – 5×5 meter
Optional equipment: Marquise, sidewall / half-wall, roof rack, multi-tent connections, flag holder, 5kg and 20kg weight, trolley, plugs
System: Aluminium Hexagonal pole or Aluminium Octagonal pole
Tent material: Nylon
3D material: Inflatable


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